We’re excited to introduce our new website, come on in and have a look around…

Welcome to the newly designed
website for Unrivaled Fitness! By launching our new website, our goal is
to provide our valued members and visitors with an easy to navigate,
user friendly browsing experience, so that you can find the information
you need quickly and easily.

Our new website reflects the quality
and experience Unrivaled Fitness provide as a business, and we are
pleased to announce that we can make your online experience even easier
than ever before.

Unrivaled Fitness is a new gym
opening in Takanini, Auckland. We are a kiwi family owned business and
have been passionate about excersize and fitness for years, inspring our
dream to open our own gym. We have a vision to provide a gym unlike any
other, which we are pursuing through state of the art equipment, our
customer focus, and dedication to our members.

We invite and encourage you to have a look around and explore our new website….

A little bit about us

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Cam and Sarah, founders
and owners of Unrivaled Fitness. For years we have been passionate about
our own fitness and this is what has inspired us to open our own.
Through years of experience we know what makes a good, bad and
oustanding gym and we decided from the get go that we wanted to stand
out from the crowd and offer an experience and environment that you
can’t find elsewhere.

The gym is known for being a place where goals are set and met, it
requires dedication and passion, and this has ispired our view for
running a gym of our own. We are dedicated to providing a place unlike
any other, where you have access to versatile equipment, friendly and
helpful staff, and a positive, motivating atmosphere.

It excites us to welcome new members, and watch them reach and exceed
their fitness goals, and we have worked hard to ensure we are providing
as much as we can to help that happen. Too many people sign up for a
gym membership and don’t see it through, our goal is to provide a space
where people truly enjoy coming to, where they can thrive and feel like
one of the Unrivaled Fitness family.

Our gym will be opening in a few months and we couldn’t be more
excited. In the meantime keep up to date with the build and how we’re
getting on by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Unrivaled Fitness

At Unrivaled Fitness we will be providing the optimum fitness
environment available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From our
helpful advice, fun group classes to our state of the art gym equipment
Unrivaled Fitness will be a gym like no other.

We have partnered up with Prime Fitness USA and Watson Gym to create
an environment which enables our members to add a level of versatility
to their performance and enhance their overall experience.

Fitness is a broad spectrum and we aren’t limiting our gym to serious
weight lifters here. Our gym will be a environment which can adapt to
everyone wants and needs, even if that just means getting out of the
house and meeting a few more friendly faces along the way. Our group
classes offer the opportunity to socialize with a fun group of people,
motivating each other to do well, get fit and enjoy yourselves.
Alternatively, if you’re the kind of person who likes to stick your ear
plugs in and workout in your own little world, that is absolutely fine
to, we’ve got the perfect spot for you…

Keep an eye on our progress on our Facebook and Instagram pages, we look forward to welcoming you to Unrivaled Fitness once we open!