Only the best

At Unrivaled Fitness we knew from the beginning that we wanted to stand out from the crowd and offer a gym like no other. This led us to search for new and innovative equipment options for us to provide to our members. Boy did we deliver!

We knew we could do better than the standard smith machines and free weights, which is why we have invested in two outstanding suppliers of gym equipment. With advancing technologies and global competition the gym industry has grown in leaps and bounds.

We are proud to be able to say we have partnered with Prime Fitness USA and Watson Gym Equipment, transforming our gym into an environment to encourage high performance and versatility.

Prime Fitness USA

Prime Fitness USA equipment features innovative, versatile and effective strength training technology. It offers the unique ability to completely train a muscle, from origin to insertion, unlike any other equipment in the world. Total muscle strength encourages injury prevention and an increased range of motion.

Prime Fitness USA is changing the way the world sees strength training. A keen focus on craftsmanship and innovation has allowed Prime Fitness USA to create a portfolio of the most elite strength equipment in the world. “The cornerstone of PRIME’s plate loaded and selectorized equipment is their patented SmartStrength technology.”

SmartStrength offers a revolutionary built-in variable resistance technology. With SmartStrength, you gain the ability to move the peak resistance through the range of motion on an exercise, which means that a user can train a muscle in the shortened position, medial position or lengthened position. This manipulation of the strength curve allows more muscle fiber recruitment, from origin to insertion. This really is a game changer in strength training.

To learn more about Prime Fitness USA, read more here.

Watson Gym Equipment

Watson Gym Equipment is known for quality and is world renowned in the global fitness industry. All of their products are manufactured in their factories in Frome, England using only British steel. They design and manufacture every component in house which not only ensures the highest standards, but it also gives them complete control. They have great relationships with some of the worlds highest regarded coaches, trainers and athletes and they make full use of this by listening to what they say regarding functionality and biomechanics of products. They use this vaulable information to ensure they can continue to grow and produce innovative and quality products built for performance and durability. To learn more about Watson Gym Equipment, read more here.